How much does it cost Apple to make a Vision Pro headset

How much does it cost Apple to make a Vision Pro headset

How much does it cost Apple to make a Vision Pro headset?

Apple: The Vision Pro headset, a new product from Apple, has an astonishing price starting at $3,499 dollars. However, what is the expense to the corporation of constructing one? Omdia conducted some research and created a Bill of Materials (BoM) in an effort to provide a solution to this query.

After dissecting the headset into 11 distinct component groups, the team discovered that the two primary micro-OLED displays were by far the most costly parts. These, which were produced by Sony Semiconductors, are estimated to have cost Apple $456, or 29.6% of the entire BoM.

The two processors that manage the workload are the brains of the unit and are ranked next on the list.

The primary CPU in this system is an M2 chip. This is the same processor that drives the MacBook Air 2022; it manages image processing and powers the VisionOS operating system. The R1 chip, which is independent, is responsible for handling the inputs from various sensors, including cameras and microphones.

These two are expected to cost $240 apiece, or 15.6% of the entire BoM.

When all other components—such as the headset frame and battery—are added together, Omdia calculates that the entire bill of materials (BoM) comes to $1,542, or 44% of the price of the least expensive Vision Pro.

Estimates of supplier costs and BOM for Apple Vision Pro


Is a BoM high or low if it represents 44% of the sale price?

What matters is the ballpark.

In contrast, the BoM of a 256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max is estimated to be approximately $500, or 42% of the retail price.

Don’t bother attempting to compute a profit margin from this as it is impossible to account for all associated expenditures, including assembly, shipping, and R&D.

Furthermore, this won’t be like Apple’s iPhone, which sells millions of units. Apple is expected to build about 200,000 Vision Pro devices this year, according to Omdia, and “an estimated 1 million units are projected within the few years beyond 2024 with the launch of the new Vision Pro.”

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