Marketing Associate in a Reputable Commercial Bank

Marketing Associate in a Reputable Commercial Bank

Marketing Associate in a Reputable Commercial Bank

Marketing Associate in a Reputable Commercial Bank

Inguest Global Partners Limited: We are currently accepting applications for the following position from our esteemed customer, a commercial bank:

Title of Position: Marketing Coordinator

Place: Nigeria
Workplace Sort: Full-time


The incumbent will be in charge of promoting and selling the bank’s goods.
Work Functions

to concentrate on increasing volumes and acquiring new customers, particularly in the Bank’s retail division through the establishment of various account kinds.
to provide input on market conditions for new product/current product development/upgrade for expanding small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in our marketing environment to the sales team and product management.
to cross-sell additional value-added products to each consumer in order to provide value-added benefits.
to devise plans and projects that allow for increased output and the accomplishment of goals.
Create a strategy for keeping clients, such as gamifying and informing them.
to reactivate dormant and inactive accounts in the branch, both through proxy and USSD reactivation.
to enroll both new and current clients using alternative channels like USSD platform, online banking, and mobile app.

Conditions For Marketing Associate in a Reputable Commercial Bank

Experience, Education, and Necessary Skill Set:
A B.Sc. or HND from an accredited university.
Needed to be a NYSC graduate.
Excellent oral and written communication abilities.
strong interpersonal abilities.
competent, capable of upholding discretion and moral conduct.
Application must have a year old experience for the job.
No more than thirty years.
The candidate must be extremely intelligent and tech-savvy.
Monthly Salary: N117,000.
Additional Benefits: Annual Leave Allowance, Pension, HMO, Commission, and Thirteenth Month.

How to Utilize

Candidates who meet the requirements should send their most recent resume to the email subject line with the job title

The deadline for applications is May 31, 2024.

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