Canada Immigration See ways of immigrating to Canada

Canada Immigration See ways of immigrating to Canada

Canada Immigration: See ways of immigrating to Canada

Canada Immigration See ways of immigrating to Canada: International students and temporary foreign workers who aspire to become permanent residents of Canada are the target audience for the Canadian Experience Class. These people have already assimilated into Canadian society and formed significant networks in both their towns and professions thanks to their Canadian education and/or employment experience.

There is a pass/fail paradigm for the Canadian Experience Class criteria. For the two categories of applicants, there are different minimum requirements:

Foreign Graduates with Work Experience in Canada

Candidates need to possess:

obtained at least one year of professional, technical, or skilled work experience within 24 months of the application date; successfully completed a minimum two-year academic program at a Canadian post-secondary educational institution; and possess either basic or moderate language skills, depending on the occupation’s skill level.

Temporary Foreign Employees

Candidates need to possess:

had, within 36 months of the application date, a minimum of two years of professional, skilled, or technical job experience; and, depending on the skill level of their occupation, either moderate or basic language proficiency.

Applying from within Canada is possible for candidates who meet the minimal qualifications and are currently in the country under a temporary work permit or post-graduate work permit. Applications for people who are no longer in Canada must be submitted within a year of quitting their Canadian employment.

Since French and English are the two languages most often spoken in Canada, applicants must be fluent in both languages; however, knowing both languages is advantageous. Being able to communicate effectively requires fluency in multiple languages. There need to be unrestricted communication.

To determine their level of English comprehension, applicants from nations where English is not their first language must take an English language competency exam. Take an English proficiency test right now and sign up; you’ll be glad you did. Please share this post on your social media accounts if you think it’s interesting and helpful.

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