Online Application for a Canada Visa

Online Application for a Canada Visa

Online Application for a Canada Visa

Online Application for a Canada Visa: The Canada Temporary Resident Visa, also known as the Canada Visitor Visa, allows immigrants or visitors to enter Canada for a limited number of visits. When this visa expires, you have two options: either apply again while you’re still in Canada, or go back to your native country.

The following are the various forms of online applications for a temporary resident visa in Canada: student, business, diplomatic, official, super, intending donor, working holiday, temporary residence permit, business, tourist, diplomatic, official, Canada Super Visa, and Canada Temporary Work Visa.

Are you unfamiliar with the process of applying for a Canada visa? then you will be carefully guided through the procedures by this book.If you’re interested in going back to Canada even though your visa has expired or is soon to expire, you’ve come to the correct place.

It is necessary for first-time applicants to the Canadian immigration procedure to be aware that each interest group has certain requirements. Your time interval will be quicker if you’ve fulfilled the prerequisites. Even though you meet the requirements, your application for a Canada visa is still being denied because of incorrect documentation. This is the reason we suggest hiring an immigration consultant; they are familiar with the application requirements and the ins and outs of the immigration procedures.

You can apply for a Canada visa through their online platform in two different methods, though. In the meanwhile, you’ll need to scan and create soft copies of all of your various paperwork and have a Mastercard ready for any kind of online payment.

Nevertheless, after completing the necessary paperwork, you will apply for a Canada visa online and create a web presence on the country’s official website.

How to submit an online application for a Canada temporary resident visa

Using your online banking profile or the GC key, which is the login key for the Canadian government, are two options.
All you need to do is compile the required paperwork and begin submitting your applications.

You will be given a reference number at the top of your paperwork, and this number is good for the duration of the visa application procedure.

However, the following documents are needed in order to apply for a Canada visa;
* A valid passport; * The required application form for a Canada visa; * Proof of payment for the application fee; * An indication of your ability to pay; * A police clearance certificate; * A medical certificate; * A cover letter outlining your interest in visiting Canada; * A letter of invitation or support; * Additional documents proving your identity and civil status; * Lastly, a standard photo that satisfies the requirements for a photo for a Canada visa.

You will need to pay the application fees after submitting the aforementioned documents, however the exact amount will depend on the type of visa category you are applying for. For a Canada temporary visa, you will only need to pay CAD $100 for each individual and an additional CAD $85 for each biometric fee.

As such, the processing of your application by the Canadian Embassy can take two to three weeks. However, for additional interviews at the embassy, you will require another document, such as your biometric.

You will understandably be asked for additional documents and verification at the port of entry after fulfilling all the requirements.

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